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In the center, a step away from the sea and the historic center…

New structure, old habits

Our hotel has just completed a complete renovation that lasted almost 2 years, obtaining a modern, fresh and welcoming environment.

The management is always entrusted to the Ricciardi family, so you can rely on the competence and preparation of a pioneer family in Otrantina hospitality, with almost 40 years of experience behind them.

“We are in Otranto, in the Byzantine heart of Salento, the city of white stones and friable defensive walls that rise from the sea, the Adriatic horizon from which the Turks arrived in the late fifteenth century to cut off the heads of eight hundred martyrs”

– Roberto Cotroneo –

Hotel Bellavista Otranto – Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19
Structure Identification Code (CIS) LE075057013S0006071
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